Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Because of everything else in my life right now, my sewing is taking a hit. I just can't "get into" it as much. I still have to finish my cousin's wedding throw quilt. The top is done (and has been for a long time), the backing and batting are ready, just got to put it together and "quilt" it, just can't get "into it". And the thing is if I do it just cause i feel pressured too, it won't come out as good as i want, so i'm just gonna wait a bit. You have what 6 months to get them their wedding gift?

The store is going to open on Saturday. Only a few items, i'd hoped to do more but i am just realizing that I am one person. The store was just to be a hobby thing, to help me support my hobby a little bit. So i'm just gonna keep telling myself that.

I have been doing sewing. I made some squishy blocks. I made another pair of flannel lounge pants for yet another trade (i love trading). I also made some Christmas gift bags today. Fabric gift bags that can be reused. I love them, they came out really cute.

Anyway just some rambling. Check out the store to see what i've come up with SEW far.

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Cindy said...

I can't wait to get the lounge pants.
Your store is shaping up nicely :)
offer still stands to help you a little bit, and I'll be happy to make you a matching banner to replace the holiday one after christmas, I love making banners and I love helping fellow WAHM's