Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some pictures of favorite items...

I thought i'd start off this blog with some pictures of some of the favorite items i've sewn in the last few months.
One of the first cross back reversible dresses I made Faith for summer. I love this one especially because the fabric is SO CUTE, it's little dino's hatching from eggs.
Dino Dress
One of the first matching ruffle pants and appliqued shirt sets, so sweet and girly.
Flowers 1
For Mother's Day I made the Grandma's small wall hangings with Faith's hand prints on them.
My mom and I collaborated on a quilt for a benefit auction, i did all the applique work.
Benefit Quilt
The first little round neck, vintage style top i made. I love how sweet these look on little girls.
Round Neck Top
A trade i did with a friend. I made this adorable apples & pears print round neck top and ruffle pants set.
Faith's first "momma pretty"...AKA nightgown...she just loves her knit nighties.
I've made several cloth shopping bags - here's a couple pictures -
A totally adorable reversible cross back dress, i've actually made 2 of these the same for trades/swaps.
I've been making lots of fall/winter items for Faith - here are a few.

Thanks for looking. I have several more items waiting to be sewn. I also have 2 wedding projects in the works, but unfortunately i can't post pictures here until they are given, as i don't want to spoil the surprises. I am currently planning my Christmas sewing, I will also be sewing for hire a bit this fall too, i have a couple friends already requesting items, I plan to keep busy. Be sure to check back as I hope to keep this blog updated with LOTS of pictures.


Sarah said...

You are so good, Sarah. It is truly impressive- What an awesome gift to have!!! I love looking at what you make! It is all SOOOOO cute! You couldn't get anything better in the store!

Diana said...

I love it all, as always.

Sherry said...

They are all so great Sarah...I esp LOVE the apples and pears bag! Are you going to take it to the next level and join us sewing wahms with deadlines and stress and burnout? hehehe

I seriously need to get busy making things for my kids...esp 3d...he needs jammies and some cool ls tops to go with his jeans this winter. The most I have done lately for a family member was fixing a hole in my hubby's pants pocket! :P