Monday, September 1, 2008

Some new dresses

Up first is Faith's fall apple picking dress. It's the round neck top pattern lengthened into a dress. Could certainly be worn alone but here I paired it with simple turtleneck and leggins for a fall look.

Next are two curved bodice dresses. The first i learned a few little things about the pattern so it came out a bit wonky in areas. Faith couldn't wait to model it so here it is unhemmed. Then the next picture is completed.

Finally, Faith was invited to a birthday party for our little friend Sam who is turning 2. It looks "puckered" and a bit uneven in the picture, but it's just how it's laying on the carpet, someday i'll get better at taking pictures of things.
Her mommy doesn't read my blog so i figured i'd show you what I made for her, however her auntie does read it what do you think Tracey?


Diana said...

Its all very cute! I gotta admit those first ones are STINKING ADORABLE!!

Daffernia said...

Adorable dresses for this sweet baby... I love these!!